25 Dec

Change sidebar of VtigerCRM Modules

Some people wants to change sidebar of VtigerCRM Modules (core or custom).

Method 1: (Will replace whole Sidebar of a module)

Add a tpl file – SideBar.tpl and place it under the modules template location (vtiger-root/layouts/vlayout/modules/MODULENAME/SideBar.tpl). Whatever you show in that tpl file will reflect on your module SideBar.

Method 2: (Will add links on Sidebar)

If you want to add a single link on the Sidebar of core or custom module, Go to {vtiger-root}/modules/{MODULENAME}/models/Module.php. Search for getSideBarLinks function.  Add a new values on $parentQuickLinks.

Thats all !! Now you can see the link at the left side bar of the VtigerCRM Module.

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