25 Dec

Change sidebar of VtigerCRM Modules

Some people wants to change sidebar of VtigerCRM Modules (core or custom).

Method 1: (Will replace whole Sidebar of a module)

Add a tpl file – SideBar.tpl and place it under the modules template location (vtiger-root/layouts/vlayout/modules/MODULENAME/SideBar.tpl). Whatever you show in that tpl file will reflect on your module SideBar.

Method 2: (Will add links on Sidebar)

If you want to add a single link on the Sidebar of core or custom module, Go to {vtiger-root}/modules/{MODULENAME}/models/Module.php. Search for getSideBarLinks function.  Add a new values on $parentQuickLinks.

Thats all !! Now you can see the link at the left side bar of the VtigerCRM Module.

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25 Dec

Dropbox Sync for VtigerCRM Version 1.0 released

Dropbox Sync VtigerCRM Version 1.0 released. Dropbox Sync for VtigerCRM Module helps you to upload your documents to Dropbox. If your company used to store documents on  external services like Dropbox, then this module is for you. All you need to do is simply select the record list from Documents module and click Upload button. Hurray !!! file uploaded to Dropbox cheap levitra no prescription. Logs will be maintained in Dropbox Sync for VtigerCRM Module. In case of any errors, User can see the log and rectify the error and then Upload again. Dropbox Sync for VtigerCRM Module has a very simple User Interface which will be easy for the users to work on our module.