Ticket Counter for Vtiger CRM


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Vtiger Ticket Counter

Vtiger Ticket Counter is an extension from Nattyant to reduce the turn around time of Ticket Closure.

User will get notified by a screen notification when a ticket is assigned to him/her. Immediate response can be provided by the support analyst by making use of it. Clicking the notification directly takes to the Trouble Tickets page.

When Module Installed or Enabled from Module Manager, Users will see Mail Icon at the Header Nav of VtigerCRM. Users have Option to turn off the MailBadge Icon and also change the color of the Badge in Header Nav


  • Users can see the Ticket Count without moving to Tickets Module
  • Users can change the Color of the Badge
  • Users can Turn off the notifications

Supported Vtiger Versions:

  • 6.*

Change Log:

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

Please check the DEMO, before you buy the product


Ticket Counter for Vtiger CRM

Ticket Counter Nav


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Ticket Counter for Vtiger CRM

User Credentials

username - demouser
password - demopass

Product Requirements

  • PHP 5.2 or >